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Wellington Scanner Frequencies (NZ)

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Last updated: Sunday 16 August 2017


Police are digital
Fire 75.587
Fire Simplex 143.825
Fire Simplex 143.787
Fire Simplex 140.925
Fire Simplex 140.612
Fire Repeater 143.250
Fire Simplex UHF 455.137
Ambulance 141.425
Civil Defence 141.050
Civil Defence 141.062
Civil Defence 143.050
Civil Defence 140.987
Civil Defence 149.400
Civil Defence 149.425
Civil Defence 149.725
Civil Defence 149.850
Civil Defence 149.825
Kiwi Rail 153.456
Kiwi Rail 152.350 (Train Control)
Kiwi Rail 453.362
Kiwi Rail 453.437
Kiwi Rail 453.487
Kiwi Rail 453.512
Kiwi Rail 453.562
Strait Shipping Ch1 466.862
Strait Shipping Ch2 464.956
Silver Fern Shipping 453.312
PRS Ch 8 Repeater 476.600 (See links below)
Wellington Buses 461.850
Marine VHF 6 156.300 (Ship to Ship)
Marine VHF 13 156.650 (Tugs)
Marine VHF 14 156.700 (Beacon Hill Radio)
Marine VHF 16 156.800 (Distress, Calling)
Marine VHF 62 160.725 (Cobar Radio)
Marine VHF 71 156.575 (Wellington Maritime Radio)
Wellington Airport Tower 118.800

More frequencies are coming !


Rebuilding of the Rimutaka Fell Incline Railway NZ

Batten Professional Services

Transmission Gully Motorway


PRS Repeater Wellington Ch 8

PRS Ch 8 Wellington Repeater

Blow on the Pie

NZ 4WD Radio Network

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New Zealand Scanner Frequency Sites

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